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WP Aweber is a WordPress plugin that enables a user to subscribe to newsletters whenever he/ she registers to your blog. This plugin will help you build a subscriber list. Once the Aweber API is configured correctly, a subscription option will appear on the registration form.

A) WP Aweber

WP Aweber setting can be saved using ‘WP Aweber‘ → ‘WP Aweber‘ which consists of the following keys (see in the image)

  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret Key
  • Access Key
  • Access Secret Key

wp aweber setting
All these keys can be obtained when you create an application on Aweber Lab.  To read a detailed guide on Aweber API click here.

Add a List ID  to subscribe the emails to a particular list with a customized subscription message in the Subscription Text field. This subscription text will appear on the registration page of a new user.

B) Setting Wizard

The ‘WP Aweber‘ → ‘Setting Wizard‘ allows configuring Aweber Settings easily even to a non-programmer. All that is required in this 2 step process is a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Key.wp aweber wizard step 1

Step 1: Copy and paste your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Key in the fields provided. Click on Go Next for further authentication on aweber.com.
In the redirected Aweber API (see image) enter valid Login Name and Password to Allow Access and successfully complete Step 1.
wp wizard authentication step
Step 2: This step will get you back to the Setting Wizard where you will have to choose the List ID in order to subscribe the emails to the selected list and click the Done?  button to setup the configuration.


A successful setup of WP Aweber will be indicated by a success message (see image).


Once the settings have been configured, a subscription check box is displayed on the registration page (see image) of your blog which allows the new users to subscribe on aweber as they check it while registering.