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Offer a better experience to your visitors with our innovative WordPress speed optimization services. Make your website get ranked easily over search engines with our advanced WordPress speed optimization services. We are loaded with the best plugins, which will improve the speed of your WordPress website and offers a better experience to visitors. Irrespective of the speed and the type of your website, we will always offer you the best services. Along with us, you do not get worried about the loading time, which will make your visitors leave your website. With our services, you can make your website get loaded within seconds, which will automatically improve the speed of your website.

Optimizing image

When it is about improving the speed of the website, then we always focus on optimizing the images of a website. While doing so, we always ensure not to harm the quality of the images.

Minimizing Javascript and CSS

We also focus on minimizing the usage of excessive scripts and compressing them. So, the website gets loaded easily, without wasting the time of the viewers.

Checking server response time

Having a slower server can also be the reason behind the slow website, and we also check for the slow server. So, that it will not impact the performance of the website.

Inline Critical CSS

CSS is the code, which means to be added in the header part of the website. We ensure that it must be placed correctly and make the website get loaded easily and quickly.

Remove Query Settings

URLs with a “?” are not stored by a specific intermediary reserving servers or CDNS. This could mean a botched an open door for sped up, so we upgrade them.

Enable Compression in a website

We empower Gzip pressure from your server or from where your resources are being conveyed. This implies lower stacking times and a generally quicker site.

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Why to Choose Flipper Code Your WordPress Team

Flipper Code is one of the best WordPress developers and designers who always capture the attention of customers with their amazing services. If you are the one, who is seeking a WordPress developer or designer, then you must choose their services. They are one, who offer advanced and satisfactory services to their clients. Besides this, there are many reasons to choose their services and here in this post, we will share all those things that make you choose their outstanding services.


Expert Services

Choosing services from experts is the biggest requirement of customers these days and Flipper Code is the only platform from where you can get all the expert services. They have the best support team, who is always available to interact along with their clients to offer them satisfactory services.



Though Flipper Code offers advanced services they all offer budget-friendly services. Irrespective of their advanced services, they ensure that their customers can easily save their money. Depending upon your business and budget, you can choose from their money-saving packages.


Offer Advanced Services

In this competitive world, we always look for someone who offers advanced services and Flipper Code is the one who offers all such services. Whether you are opting for their website development, plugin development, PSD to WordPress, you will always receive all their advanced services.

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