This post is about how to upgrade to latest wp google map pro 3.0 successfully. We have changed this plugin completely by implementing new folder & files structures and 100% new coding, nothing is inherited from Pro version. It’s highly recommended that you should have a backup or install it on dev version if you’re going to upgrade from the previous version.

File & Folder Structure:

We have changed all files and folder structure to a very managed and modular way so if you have modified any of the core files, those changes will be lost. We have tried to include all functionality request which we got in last 2 years in this version but still if any thing we missed, you can contact us to integrate into this version.

Previously we had place markers icons in wp-google-map-pro/icons folder but now they’re moved in wp-google-map-pro/assets/images/icons folder so might be your categories icons will be broken. so it’s highly recommended that you should update your all categories previously created.

Database Structure:

We have added some new columns in the tables but we didn’t remove any previous columns so you’ll not lose your data anyway when you upgrade to a new version, you should deactivate old version and activate this 3.0 (Gold Version) before using it.

Hooks :

We have changed some hooks to make them easy to use and to simplify them especially wpgmp_listing_html hook.

Coding Standard:

We wrote this plugin from scratch to make it best plugin ever exists for google maps based on customer feedbacks, questions asked on support desk and customization request. This time we made it by following WordPress coding standard strictly. if you have suggestions to improve it more manageable way, please help us.

Translation :

We have added lots of new strings so update your .po languages files using poedit software.

Things to do before using Gold Version

  • Backup your database & files related to the plugin, which is highly recommended always when you upgrade any WordPress plugin.
  • Deactivate old version and activate new version before start using this. You’ll not lose any data in this process except category icons.
  • Go to each of the categories you created and update the icon.
  • Go to each of the maps you created and update the map for the safe side though we have tested and it’s not a necessary step.

We’re a human being, if we have broken any of your core functionality, please contact us via help desk or email mail or skype flippercode and we’d be happy to resolve it as fast as possible for a successful upgrade.

Please share your experience with the new version and we’d like to come up with an another awesome product very soon.

Best Regards

Team Flipper Code