I have strange problem. I added some marker categories with images, added the categories to posts and displayed them on the map. However, somehow marker categories named 08 and 09 disappeared although they were chosen to posts. And it happened that from post 08 (marker category 08) I get wrong marker categories. Instead of 08 there is 10, instead of 09 it’s 11, instead of 10 it’s 12 and so on… How can I fix it?

Can you send me your page URL where map is located so i can also check it. It seems you have assigned wrong category to the 8,9,10 and 11 locations.
This is the LINK. I can assure you I assigned right category, here you are picture. And that's why I'm worried.

One more problem occured. The last item (#22) doesn't display in the map although everyting is right wit category, post and so on.

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