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I’ve used the plugin before and it worked great but right now I’m having issues for add location. Whenever I create one, I get a WordPress Database Error. This is what it says:

INSERT INTO `wp_map_locations` (`location_messages`, `location_settings`, `location_group_map`, `location_title`, `location_address`, `location_latitude`, `location_longitude`, `location_city`, `location_state`, `location_country`, `location_postal_code`, `location_zoom`, `location_draggable`, `location_infowindow_default_open`, `location_animation`, `location_author`) VALUES ('', 'a:3:{s:7:\"onclick\";s:6:\"marker\";s:13:\"redirect_link\";s:0:\"\";s:20:\"redirect_link_window\";s:3:\"yes\";}', 'N;', 'IM4HI (Oakland)', '310 8th St #310, Oakland, CA, United States', '37.7990351', '-122.2704574', 'Oakland', 'California', 'United States', '94607', '0', '', '', 'BOUNCE', '1')

It seems that there is no value for location_author.

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