Hi guys,
thank you for your plugin Google Map Pro. I’m Silvia from Turismo Itinerante – http://www.turismoitinerante.com – an Italian website/magazine for motorhome owners and “leisure” seekers 🙂
We are using the WP Google Map Pro plugin as part of a bigger work, which is the restyling of the website: here’s the temporary address where we are working http://turismo.rem-graphics.net/site/ and installed your plugin ( we’ve found it perfect for our needs!) .

our goal is to show camping areas in Italy and Europe inside a map ( the page will be this one http://turismo.rem-graphics.net/site/aree-sosta-camper-italia/).

Since the locations we need to add are a lot, my team has been working on various csv file in order to make a bulk import. We have been downloading your sample file, and worked starting from that scratch. However when we run the locations import, not all the locations which are listed in the csv are added ( for instance out of 200 locations, just 120 are added. or out of 9, just 5…) It’s quite strange because all of them are written in the same way, so we can’t find the reason…

Do you have any idea why this happens? What could be the issue?
I’m attaching one of the files we are using, from this one 5 locations have been imported , out of a total of 9

Please if you need to login to have a look from the inside
temp_admin | Jt^8zE%CCl3BPezD(WVObpH6

Thank you very much,
looking forward to hear from you


Thank you very much for being a user of google maps Wordpress plugin.
I checked your site dashboard and found none of the locations are created at manage locations. Please send me your CSV file at support@flippercode.com so I can check it at your end and resolve your issue asap.


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