I’ve just started setting up the WP GOOGLE MAPS PRO PLUGIN

Your Plugin demands that the Latitude & Longitude values Must not have ” ” double quote marks around them or they will not be imported.

I am always going to be importing a thousand or more locations via CSV
But your Import script does not work with all of the different Export CSV options commonly offered with the popular tool PHP MyAdmin

Apparently this is the ONLY format that works with your Import Script–
Title,Address,Latitude,Longitude,City,State,Country,”Postal Code”,Message,Categories,fax,email,website
“Zion Lutheran Church”,”1405 E Fallbrook St, Fallbrook, CA, United States”,33.3765,-117.23,Fallbrook,,”United States”,92028,,churches
I do not see the sense in “Postal Code” I never use empty spaces in column headings for sql.

NO SETTING from the MySQL online table that I use can produce commas in the Column Header BUT “quote marks” around “Postal Code” because it has an empty space
And then NO QUOTES around the Latitude and Longitude values in the same export CSV setting.

I have worked with databases online for over 15 years and php and mysql.

Your requirement is the most unusual choice that is making your script Import the hardest part of setting this up.

Choosing “Comma separated” or “Semi-colon” in your Import File Choice does not help the problem. Every possible variation PHP MyAdmin outputs which always work for my typical projects does not Satisfy your Import CSV file function.

I do NOT want to rely on a manual search-replace action to customize a simple CSV import script to your Program.

WHY did you make this Import Script unable to accept ,”46.6045571″,”13.8433325″, ?

If the script could import from an SQL there would be no problem.
I must change the import script to allow the quote marks around the Latitude & Longitude values

We're applying some validation on this though we'd like to change it according to your suggestion. Thanks for your valuable input and we'll start work on this next week and definitely we'll make it work with your suggestion.
I have since modified the code and conformed my CSV files to enable CSV Import.

I also replaced all plugin wp-google-map-gold file instances (194+) of the spelling 'lable' with the term 'label' to match var $label which I found in the plugin code.

This is probably not necessary but I changed all files, including CSS, to contain the correct English spelling of "label" as it is most commonly used in js, php, mysql, css.
This is a remarkable plugin and it is teaching me a lot about the possibilities of the Google Maps API that I could not get operating in other code apps.
Excellent job.

I can only add that it will speed up learning and customization for Importing CSV files if you Specifically Tell Users a couple of MUST HAVES:

For Instance, on the "Import Locations" link, where instructions say:
You should have following columns in your csv to import. and where you show Column Header note "Required" and a response of "No"
What is a bit confusing and is easily missed it that you apparently really mean to say is -- that the User's Import.csv MUST HAVE EACH COLUMN Existing whether it contains Values or not. That Required ? "NO" does NOT mean that the column can be deleted from the CSV!

And apparently that the Plugin application does not want to import NULL where no value exists in a column field. Making sure the Import.csv has empty space is better than NULL
It might also be good practice to keep the "additional column names" lowercase and using _ where needed, such as "user_lastname"

It would also be useful to see the File Name after it is selected for Import. Another confusing thing is that the "Latitude and Longitude" warning always shows up even when the Import csv file includes them correctly.

Fairly minor points for a Great Plugin!

Thank you, Mr. Goswami!

And, that default plugin requires the that the Column Names must be spelled exactly the same way as the Example --- Core Fields are Capitalized once at the first letter.

I altered the script so that I did not have to use "Postal Code" as the column header though.
As you suggested above we have made changes in our plugin regarding CSV import and uploaded the updated version. So please check it at your end also and let us know.

Thanks so Much!

You have Incredibly Timely and Fast Responses to our Reports & Requests!

Just one question now:
Do some of the problem comments I see with the last 24 hours --September 06 to 07 exist within THIS version 5211638?

Such as with Monique Martens?

I'm hesitant to overwrite with the download I just made at 15:29 today, September 7 German time?

Thank you very much for your great suggestions. Please let me know your issues which you are facing as you said. The issue which you were talking related to ("Monique Martens") different plugin not in Google Maps.


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