My client is using this map plugin for its intended purpose of a map showing locations of certain facilities ( They are also using it as separate map to show locations of events ( They are entering their events in the plugin The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe, and that interface offers the option to put the location info in and have it show up on the WP Google Maps map. This part works great and saves a step. However, the popup on the map does not display date information for these events, only location. Is there a way to get the date information to show up without having to make separate entries for the specific map in the WP Google Maps Plugin interface as well? Also, is there a way to sort/order the listing that display below the map?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you very much for being a user of Google Maps WordPress Plugin. We have not tested our plugin with Events calendar WordPress plugin so we don't have any idea about this plugin with google maps integration. To display custom information in Google Maps you have to create an extra fields these fields will be seen on add/manage location so you only need to insert the values of the fields then place the placeholder related to it at infowindow messages.

#2 yes you can sort/order your listing locations below the map by enable the listing locations at add/manage map page and set order Ascending/descending etc.
For more information you can check our guide tutorial at

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