I am attempting to user your User Avatar Pro plugin to upload avatars to our S3 distribution, but it is causing errors.

When uploading an image, the url is malformed, and thus showing up as a broken image.

For example, uploading an image to our site tries to retrieve this url:

even though the site is http://dev.ds-lms.org.

Some small investigation into your codeset makes me think the problem is in this block in wpua_upload_action_callback().

if ( is_multisite() ) {
$pos = strpos( $upload_dir['basedir'],'uploads' );
$wpua_upload_dir = substr( $upload_dir['basedir'],0,($pos + 7) ).'/wp-user-avatar/';
$pos_url = strpos( $upload_dir['baseurl'],'uploads' );
$wpua_upload_url = substr( $upload_dir['baseurl'],0,($pos_url + 8) ).'/wp-user-avatar/';
} else {
$wpua_upload_dir = $upload_dir['basedir'].'/wp-user-avatar/';
$wpua_upload_url = $upload_dir['baseurl'].'/wp-user-avatar/';

Our site is multisite, by the way.

Please let us know what we can do to resolve this.

Thank you

Are you in latest version 4.1.2. Please send us your wp login details at support@flippercode.com so we can check it at your end and resolve it.
We are currently on 4.1.0. I will work on getting you login credentials for our beta site, and will send them to that address. We'll also test to see if updating the plugin will help. Thanks.
I have sent you mail regarding this issue. Please check it.


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