By default, user avatars on WordPress have a square 1:1 aspect ratio. This plugin has a problem in that it does not try to capture square 1:1 images.

For example, in the WP User Avatar settings, I have it configured so that it crops the avatar image to 150x150px. The problem is, it opens the webcam or file uploader at 487×378 and when the plugin saves the image with the crop, it does not do “zoom cropping” so the cropped image looks squeezed because of the difference in aspect ratios.

The plugin should have a 1:1 default size for webcam capture and file uploads or if not, it should do “zoom cropping” so that the image is cropped to the configured size but it is not stretched/squeezed when cropping. How do you fix this?

You can set default avatar width and height from backend and you can enable resize avatar. This will help you to crop avatar and upload it to the default mention size. I have enclosed screenshot. I hope it will help you to get avatar in 1:1 square.


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