Hello everyone

My client had the 2.3.13 version of your plugin on the old website.

I developed the new site, bought the new version (4.0.8 updated today at 5.0.0) but we have a problem

I should somehow import the old maps and locations

I tried to export from the old site and import the create_map and map_locations tables onto the new one

SEMBRAVA worked because the “old” maps and locations were displayed but then it was impossible to add new maps 🙁


You were using the very old version of a plugin, now you have upgraded to the latest version but you can not use old plugin maps on the new version. You have to create a new map for a proper functionality because tables, a database is changed now.

You are saying your older map is displaying but new map is not creating. So you can export your all locations in the form of csv then install the fresh copy of the latest version and import your all locations. You only need to create a new map.


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