Hello, I am unable to add more than 25ish products to a collection. When I click save most of the products just disappear. I’ve also tried adding them on the product page but that does not work either. No error messages occur. I have confirmed it is not a plugin or theme conflict as the problem happens when all other plugins are deactivated and a different theme is used.

I need to have one collection with 80 products and another with 120.

Thank you for your help.

You could try to go to mysql-database -> 'wp_wdap_collection' and click on structure. Check if "chooseproducts" is type of "varchar(500)". Or maybe you should change the type to LONGTEXT. If it doesn't help please wait for support.
changing the type to longtext fixed it :)

I am glad to hear that I could help you out. Now I'm still waiting for an answer of my own problem with that plugin ;D

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