Do you have a real solution to make multilinguale category, cause without, there is no point to say that plugin is mutlilinguale.

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You can translate the strings using PO edit software. We have created a guide tutorial related to this issue you can check here

We have included English language po file under lang folder where you will see all strings and you have to select the string (select category) and translate into your language. Save the new file.
Are you joking ?
I didnt asked you to translate PLugin-content as field selector or wathever i know how to use Poedit thanks.

I asked you if its possible to translate your own category
if i create a map in English and i want to have a german version or chinese version on same website for chinese visitor or geman visitor it could be great to have CATEGORY in their own language
and not in english if you can't translate them !
i dont know if you want to pretend that your plugin in mutlilinguale for long without category translation ready, so could you help to fix this or change your description in envato shop


since july you could fix this and you always do same answer :/
We are sorry for your all inconvenience you had, this is not possible to translate the dynamic strings in google maps. You can translate static strings of google maps plugin. I gave you solution of 'Select category' filter translation on frontend which is located on listings.
'Select Category' string is available on PO file. So it is ready to available for translation. If you want 4 languages then you have to put 4 different language po file in lang folder. Wordpress has a functionality to fetch required po file according to the selective language on the frontend.

You can create the map multilingual by using the Hooks. But the condition is each different language map should be in different page.
add_filter('wpgmp_map_lang','wpgmp_map_lang' );
function wpgmp_map_lang($lang) {
global $post;
if( $post->ID == 13190 ) // use your post/page id
$lang = 'hi';// use your language code
return $lang;

I hope you understand it now. Please let me know if you need more information.
this hook is just a filter as i see...

ok so for exemple:
if i have 100 locations in NewYork in food category translated in chinese by 餐饮
if i want to make this 100 locations appear in both category, i need to have 200 locations! 100 filtered for food category and 100 filtered for 餐饮 category, even if its same locations!?!?(with diffrents maps on diffrents pages of course.)

not very useful sorry and big waste of time
You don't need to create 100 more locations and single time location created is enough. You only need to assign the category to each created location at add/manage locations. As I said before dynamic strings are not possible to translate in google maps. If you think this plugin is not suitable for you. You can request a refund request.



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