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as you’ve adviced in code-canyons wp google maps pro comments section, i’ve includes two map shortcodes in my site.

This is, because i want to show to locations list where i want. So i put the map in the head and the list, which is generated by a second map shortcode, way under the map. Between the map and the list there are some contents. So you have to scroll down to see the list.

In the map i’ve included the category filter. It works like it should, but if it is used, the filter also affects the list of locations. This is a bit confusing, because you don’t see this when you see the map. So when someone uses at first the category filter and than scrolls down to the list, he doesn’t see all location items.

It would be much better to have a complete listing, which is not filterable. How can i achieve this?

I tried to use a filter for the list itself. But unfortunately a second filter doesn’t reset the first filter. Another way would be to filter only the list and not the map. But again, when using the list filters you cannot see the effects in the map, because it is not in the canvas.

So my conclusion is. The list of locations should be full without any connection to the filter. This would be a consistent workflow for the users imho.

How can i achieve this behaviour?

I will provide link to the website and, if needed, credentials in a private message


Oh,… a second (minor) thing:
It is possible to have multiple categories for a single location. But it is not possible to show for those locations every category icon in the map. Only the icon from category with highest priority will be shown. It would be nice to have the opportunity to show each icon side by side. My customer will ask for this for sure :>

Thanks for this great working plugin!
Best regards, wp-teo

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