Hi there,

I recently imported a new locations spreadsheet (CSV file) to my client’s website map here: http://goecosystems.com/where-weve-been/

Everything looks good except for one thing – the “STATE” field is showing “null” everywhere it is listed. I checked a couple locations in the admin and it appears that the STATE fields are all blank for some reason. On the spreadsheet file, I definitely had information in there for the “STATE” column on every location. So, for some reason the plugin ignored the STATE column during import. Is this a bug by chance?

My client is using plugin version 3.2 of WP Google Map Pro. I don’t know if it was previously purchased, if it has a key or what, in case we need to upgrade the plugin files to make this work (I just took over webmaster duties for this site in the past month).

NOTE: I have attached the CSV file used to upload to the site so you can check it out.

Your client is using very old version of google maps plugin. Please update it to the latest version 4.0.4 and your all issues will be resolved. We have integrated auto Geo locator in the plugin. If you have only addresses in CSV and not inserted any lat/long values then plugin is able to geo locate all locations.
No csv file is attached with support ticket.
Thank you! That fixed the issue.

(FYI, I wasn't able to attach files, like CSV spreadsheets, to posts on here when using Chrome. I don't know if this is a browser issue or an issue with your support desk software.)

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