... Sorry I hit enter instead of TAB and it posted.. Anyway. I have checked and all the maps have their categories tabs on maps disappeared. I was just giving the categories the correct numerical order and went to check and the whole things is gone, rendering the map almost useless. .. I had trouble updating the plugin, so I followed the help desk thing here and deactivated the plugin, then deleted the plugin. Then I uploaded the new version of 4.07 as well as the gold upgrade thing

So I was hesitant to delete the plugin but the update would not work just deactivating it.. I read and re read the site guide and it definitely said 'remove the plugin you won't lose all your data' so that's what I did.

Where have my categories tabs gone? I did take a back up of site before I did this, because it's a massive task re entering all that data so please tell me its not completley chernobyled.. I need my categories tabls back.. And what does that gold plugin do anyway? I rekcon I just paid $30 for nothing,.. There' no extra functions just the same old stuff.

Help me fix this pls :(
This is really strange, we got some issues on 4.0.6 version plugin so we have resolved in the latest version 4.0.7. These are our changelogs in 4.0.7 version:

New - New filter wpgmp_map_lang added to modify map language using hook.
- Improve - Missing CSS for proper infowindow style like our demo page.
- Improve - An extra space added to separate multiple taxonomies on infowindow and listing

Are you getting any javascript error on console when you enabled a Tabs please let me know and you can also share your page URL where the map is located so we can check it at your end? To use the updated plugin you have to remove the older version and you will not lose any data because all data are stored on a Database and database is not changed.

To resolve this please go to settings and check where scripts are loading. Please select footer and save it. Your issue will be resolved. if you face the same issue you can mail me your admin details at

Thank You
Hi Its ok I have a site backup. I took this just before I deleted anything to be sure. The url is

I thought I put the URL on original post, not much help was I ? Sorry :(

and I will email you the admin logins for WP..

Thanks for prompt reply

I have sent you a mail regarding this issue please check it.


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