Great plugin and I’m not trying to do anything complicated. Couple of things.
Here’s my setup:

1. How do I get line breaks in the listing to display, like in your demo? I want address, phone, website to each display on their own lines.
2. I can see that the title is built to link; how do I edit that link? I want Adams Family Funeral Home, PA to link to
3. Has the Oct 15 update been released? State isn’t being imported in the CSV. I understand that is a bug being fixed in the next release. How do I update my plugin?
4. Does the search function work for title? If I search for ‘Adams’ I want it to bring up both listings. Please advise.



1. You can use "
" tag for the line break.
2. Go to Edit Location for "Adams Family Funeral Home" and choose redirect option in Infowindow setting and add your link.
3. It has been updated. latest version is 3.2. You can download it from
4. Yeah, it's works. Please download the latest version and let me know if any issue.

Thanks for the reply. Still not quite there ...

1. Sorry - still not getting line breaks. What's the tag?

2. Oooh .... I didn't realize the link opened the popup on the map. That makes more sense. I just added a link to the website in the infobox - glad to see it will read html.

3. Downloaded and install v 3.2 -- would be nice if auto-update appeared in WP plugins; I had to do it manually.

4. Perfect! Yes, search by name works as it should.

1. You need to use line break tag -


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