Hello, I have upgraded to WP User Avatar Pro as the free version was a good plugin and I wanted to give my users more features such as cropping.

Now it seems that the pro version resizes the avatars unless the the cropping matches the height x width exactly. It also resizes if the image has no cropping. The resizing check box does not seem to apply to the above…
Is there a way to completely remove resizing?

If you could show me how I would add this to me theme .php that would be great.
Also I am using theme-my-login plugin which gives a front end profile editor and calls on [avatar_upload] the title simply says “Avatar”.
I would like to know how to change the title to say “profile picture” and also add a text so I can give additional instructions. Thank you.

#1 You have to uncheck the box "Resize avatars on upload" then resize will not work. I have enclosed screenshot for more help.
#2 To change the text 'Avatar' on uploader you have to make changes in plugin core files you will get on wp-user-avatar/classes/wpua-functions.php at line number 79
Before: $wpua_profile_title = ''.__( 'Avatar','wp-user-avatar-pro' ).'';
After: $wpua_profile_title = ''.__( 'Profile Picture','wp-user-avatar-pro' ).'';
Okay thank you. My experience with resizing/cropping seems to be a bit different with admin access and media option vs. front end upload only option, but the user experience is adequate.

Is there somewhere I can give feedback for this plugin? I very much like how it works, but there are things that could be improved.
Your most welcome, you can give us feedback at https://www.codecanyon.net/downloads . We welcomes all suggestions related to plugin to make it more useful.

Thank you
Okay great. You're suggestion for changing the avatar title worked.
I wonder if it would be possible to add text below the title that so that I could include instructions to our users (this would be one of the feedback items)
This is not possible to add text strings via backend but by making changes in codes you can achieve your need.

Path: wp-user-avatar/classes/wpua-functions.php at line number 79

Before: $wpua_profile_title = ''.__( 'Profile Picture','wp-user-avatar-pro' ).'';
After: $wpua_profile_title = ''.__( 'Profile Picture','wp-user-avatar-pro' ).''.'

Please Upload your image


I have enclosed screenshot of frontend where we have inserted a text. I hope it helps you a lot.
Here HTML code is not executing, can you send me your email id at support@flippercode.com so I can send you perfect code to achieve your need.


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