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Hi there
I’ve purchased the plugin to try and recreate (and improve upon) an existing map on an exiting website. Here’s the scenario. Our client has a number of partners worldwide. In some countries, they have multiple partners. We need a simple way to show a world map that can handle two things:

1) for those countries with just one partner, you click on the region (country) and it takes you directly to that partner’s page
2) for countries with multiple partners, you click on the region (country) and it opens a tooltip with the name of the partners listed, which can then be clicked on.

I’ve managed to get this both the above done using the WP Geo Maps Pro plugin… HOWEVER… there’s a couple of things I need to figure out:

1) the map needs to show the country names on hover (of the countries with partners in), before you click to reveal the tooltips where relevant
2) the regions with partners in (active regions) need to highlight in a different colour on hover, to make it easier to see when an active region is hovered over.
3) the map needs to be zoom-able to allow people to effectively select smaller regions – I can’t see that this is achievable currently?

I have examples of the existing map which i’m trying to improve upon, and where I have got up to so far available online to show you if need be. I’d really appreciate your support in making this happen, as the partners are a key component of this organisation – without them, it doesn’t exist! So the map has to be spot on.

All the best


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