the read mre button isnt working and is there a way of not havng a read more and just having the full amount of text show? i am using posts to add location and added featured image to show photo but i want a larger image shown

Hello Maxine,
Go to info window messages at info window settings where you will see read more section. You can remove it from there if you don't need it.
You can change the size of the featured image by wordpress dashboard settings-->media--

I have also enclosed screenshot.
i dont see a read more section i see it in Infowindow Message for Posts {post_title} {post_categories} {post_featured_image} {post_excerpt}Address : {marker_address}Read More...

do i just remove Read More... or anything else?
i have changed the size of thumbnails but the images are still showing the same size
i removed the read more button but the full text doesnt show?
To display full-text posts on a location info window, you need to insert the same posts content into the post's excerpt then you are able to display full posts content on a Location Info window.
You can also send me wp admin details so we can also check it at your end.
thanks i will email you
We are communicating via email so we are closing this support ticket.


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