Hello, I have a few question before looking to buy.
1. Is it supported for Woocommerce my account page and also from edit-account page? Will the user picture be available on dashboard of woocommerce my account page automatically?
2. Is this compatible with super socializer (https://wordpress.org/plugins/super-socializer) plugin? My expectation is if someone registers through social network using super socializer feature, the social network profile image will be assigned to woocommerce account and it should not be overridden by your plugin until the user edits the image manually from edit-account using your plugin feature. Can you please confirm me if your plugin behaves in this way?
3, Does your plugin support adding image while creating new account from woocommerce new account registration?

#1. Yes, it supports woocommerce really well and a user is able to set his avatar image during registration.
#2 No this is not possible in this plugin.
#3 Yes absolutely possible.


Thanks for your response. I have further question based on your answer provided related to #2. Let me split the question in these ways so that I can understand your answer.
2a) Is your plugin compatible with Super Socializer (https://wordpress.org/plugins/super-socializer) plugin?
2b) Suppose I am a new user who signs up into the website using social network (let's say Facebook). Super Socializer plugin on the website retrieves the social picture from the social network profile and assign that image to user profile.
What is your answer in case if Super Socializer and your plugin both are activated? Will the social picture, which is assigned by Super Socializer plugin, keep intact with the user profile? Or Will it be overwritten by your plugin's default image/avatar? Please provide me your answer specific to this scenario. Because, based on this decision, I will decide whether to proceed with your plugin or not.
Thank you very much for your interest in Wp User Avatar Plugin Pro for Wordpress.
#2a. No, User Avatar plugin is not compatible with this plugin social socializer now.
#2b. User Avatar plugin is able to fetch a gravatar first, if your any registered user email id is using a gravatar then Gravatar will display first as a user image, and you have to disable gravatar then local avatar will display.

If both plugins are activated and, if you have set a local avatar or gravatar then User Avatar plugin image will display in the place of Social Socializer plugin Because it is not compatible with this now. You have to set local avatar during registration your social media image will not display.

I hope you will get it.


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