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I am trying to do 2 things, I am hoping there is already a native solution to both:

1) In the map settings there is a “Center by Current Post” option, which works great. However, I am building a custom store locator into the theme (which I need instead of the built in one, due to specific design needs), and I need a way for it to center on whichever post comes up first in the query, even though it’s a search page and not a single post page. Is there a way to pass an id of a post in through the shortcode when it is generated, or some other way to specify an exact longitude and latitude when loading a map? If the latter, is there a way to grab the latitude & longitude that the plugin has stored for a given post so I can pass that to the map when it loads?

2) Is there a way to recenter the map on a where a post would be via jquery? This would allow me to recenter if they click on one of the subsequent results beyond the first one.



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