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Issue 1: Is there a way to overwrite the core new user email for the user, but not overwrite the core new user email for the admin? From the Plugin Settings page, I have enabled the user email, and when I disable the admin email, upon Save Settings, it enables automatically- there does not appear to be a way to disable it (I uncheck it and it comes back on as checked after save).

Issue 2: Is there a way for the admin email to support HTML code like the user email does? I have successfully formatted my new user registration email to my user using HTML code, but the admin user does not seem to support it. Also, there is default HTML code coming through the admin email- this seems like a bug

Plug-in settings Email Body:
A new user has been added to {sitename} website.

User Details:
Username: {username}
Email: {email}

What comes in the email:

A new user has been added to The South Georgia Apartment Association

User Details:
Username: Jason


Notice the

tag at the beginning and the tag at the end.

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