I have post listing belowe the map. I need to use twice MARKER_ZOOM link to show infowindow and go to the marker icon. Once, when clicking on thumbnail; second when clicking on post title.

But it doesn’t work properly. It works just when you click on the title. When you click on thumbnail, the link looks like that: mypageaddress.com/page-with-map/13 and it reloads page.

How can I solve the problem?

Please share your page URL where your map is located so i can check it also at your end. You have to set zoom level on marker click we have mentioned this guide tutorial on this link https://wpgmp.flippercode.com/docs/how-to-change-zoom-level-of-the-map-on-marker-click/
I hope it will help you.
We have a holiday in office due to Diwali Festival Till 22 October. We wish you a very Happy Diwali from our side.

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