I have this message error when i try to modifiy a adresse or manage a location ?

Erreur de la base de données WordPress : [Unknown column ‘location_author’ in ‘field list’]
UPDATE `szm5_map_locations` SET `location_messages` = ‘Bioley Environnement SA\r\nAvenue Industrielle 14\r\n1227 Carouge\r\n’, `location_settings` = ‘a:3:{s:7:\”onclick\”;s:6:\”marker\”;s:13:\”redirect_link\”;s:0:\”\”;s:20:\”redirect_link_window\”;s:3:\”yes\”;}’, `location_group_map` = ‘a:1:{i:0;s:1:\”1\”;}’, `location_extrafields` = ‘N;’, `location_title` = ‘Bioley Environnement SA’, `location_address` = ‘Route de Bettens, Bioley-Orjulaz, Switzerland’, `location_latitude` = ‘46.6216904’, `location_longitude` = ‘6.593861199999992’, `location_city` = ‘Bioley-Orjulaz’, `location_state` = ‘Vaud’, `location_country` = ‘Switzerland’, `location_postal_code` = ‘1042’, `location_zoom` = ‘0’, `location_draggable` = ”, `location_infowindow_default_open` = ”, `location_animation` = ‘BOUNCE’, `location_author` = ‘1’ WHERE `location_id` = ’51’

Can you help me to solved this ?

It seems your plugin is not activated and installed properly that's why some database files are not loaded and you are facing this issue. Please deactivate your plugin and again reactivate it and your issue will be resolved.


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