I have posts displaying a map individually on the post’s page. This is working fine after adding in some PHP code to find the metabox values to build the shortcode. It look me a while to work this out but I managed to do so OK.

On the home page, I have a map to display all the posts. It was working fine initially, but now any new posts are not displaying.

The web page is https://www.brownsigns.net.au

Goulburn Rail Heritage Centre does not show on the home page map. It shows correctly on the post’s page. On the home page, a pin is shown for War Memorial Scenic Lookout which is nearby.

Is there a limit on the number of posts shown, or some other filter that is stopping it from showing? Maybe an error is happening on one post that is stopping posts being displayed on the map?

I can’t work this one out.


You have not assigned a map on google map meta box on "Goulburn Rail Heritage Centre" Post. Please Go to this post and assign a map then your post marker will be seen on a map.

That was it, thank you greatly!
I didn't realise selection of which map was needed, I assumed all the posts would be displayed regardless. So obvious now :)
Thanks again
Your Most welcome :)

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