I have installed this on a multisite install and the plugin is not registering contact form 7 even though it is activated.

I have the error note;
Contact Form 7 plugin is required for CF7 Google Maps Pro plugin to work. Please install and configure Contact Form 7 first.

I tried the plugin on a single install of wordpress (non multisite) and the plugin works as expected. However on multisite the plugin will not pick up the CF7 install, is there a way around this, I really, really need this plugin on one of my multi sites!

CF7 Google Maps – Version 2.1.0
Contact Form 7 – Version 4.8
Wordpress – 4.8

Many thanks for any advice!

Actually we need to activate first cf7 plugin then google maps with cf7 extension plugin will work. I think you have not activated cf7 plugin in your network site. Please share your wp admin details at support@flippercode.com so we can check it at our end and resolve your issue.


You can see in the screen shot above that the CF7 plugin is already activated but it is still showing the error

I have resolved this issue:

If the CF7 plugin is 'network activated' the CF7 Google Maps plugin does not recognise it as installed.

To resolve:
In multisite admin 'Network deactivate' CF7 and CF7 Google Maps,
activate CF7 on the single site,
activate CF7 Google Maps on the single site
Network activate CF7 in multisite admin
Yeah , you have followed correct method. Glad to hear your issue has been resolved. if you face any issue in plugin please let me know.


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