Hello everyone,

This pluguin does not work

1 – I simulated several buy and no email reminder was delivered. Neither on the date I have set nor at any time.

2 – I simulated some abandoned carts and no email reminder was delivered. I also do not know nor can I find anything that I can configure a reminder abandoned cart.

Another question:

3 – How to do to have a preview. It’s a shot in the dark setting up the email without seeing before how it will be.

#1 Have you set correct backend settings. Please check Minimum Gap Days Between Order Date & Delivery Date and first payment reminder number of days should be same. Please make these changes and let me know mail is received or not. The email will be sent only on a Hold and Pending status only.

#2 Abandoned carts mail is not possible to send.
#3 No, preview is not possible right now in this plugin but you can see the mail content at payment reminder system.

1- I set the reminder for 1 day. At this point it's been over 4 days and no reminder has come in my tests.

2 - What they did is not right. In pre-sale question I asked if a plugin worked as a recover abandoned cart. And the answer they gave me was YES. So ... :( (I'm sending a screenshot that shows this.

3 - Not having a preview is honestly terrible.

I am deeply disappointed to have lost money, but mostly TIME with this pluguin.
Please give me your wp-admin details at support@flippercode.com so we will check it at your end and resolve all type of issue which is you are facing right now.
We have a refund policy, if you are not satisfied with the product you can make a request a refund any time and we will approve it. Please give me credentials so we can resolve your issues.


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