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Hello flippercode,

I just thought I’m going to post it my problem here too(fyi, I posted my problem on your comment section in codecanyons).

Anyway, my first problem is that you have a js error using your plugin. Here’s the screenshot:

I was able to fixed it by using wp_enqueue_scripts to enqueue your jquery.jscroll.js. So it looks like your plugin was failed to load your own js file.

Secondly, my BIGGEST PROBLEM is your pagination on my homepage. I don’t see any js error now but still, your pagination is not working!
Try to click any of the pagination number and you will see what I mean. The contents for the pagination is working but the selected pagination is not working:

It still selects #1!!!

Please help me fixing this issue please!
Here’s a screenshot for you to understand it immediately of what I mean:

Please reply asap please. Thanks!

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