I have set category markers and location markers up.

I want to make location marker the priority icon – but I cant find a way of doing this.
Neither can I REMOVE the category marker – you press delete, but it still shows in the interface.

I have two companies in same country – but using category as country – and I need to highlight only ONE company in that location with a. specific icon marker.

how do I resolve this please?



I am not understanding your meaning of priority icon.

As you said "I have two companies in the same country – but using category as country – and I need to highlight only ONE company in that location with a. specific icon marker."

To display a single location, you can de-assign the location from that category so your only single location will be displayed on a map. This is not possible to display a single location with specific icon because if you have not assigned category to any location than default marker will be display and if you assigned category than category marker will be display on a frontend.

If you have assigned all locations to a category, then you can change the default marker at add/manage map So those locations which are not assigned to any category will be automaticaly display on a new specific marker.
in my case, am using

I have two companies in one country - so two locations to one category.

I want one to have one marker, the other to have another.

I do NOT want the category marker to be displayed, but rather each location to be displayed on map - but with specific marker icons.
any news on this please?
This is not possible to display assigned category location to a different specific marker. But you can use this Hook to display those location in a specific marker.


function wpgmp_marker_source($markers,$map_id) {

$markers = array();
$marker = array();

$marker['category'] = 'marker category'; // (optional) This is category name.
$marker['id'] = '15987'; // (optional) Assign a numeric value to the marker. Make sure it's should be unique.
$marker['title'] =" Marker Title"; // Assign a title to the marker.
$marker['address'] =" Marker Address"; // Assign an address to the marker.
$marker['message'] ="Info Window message"; // Show Infowindow message on marker click.
$marker['latitude'] ="30.210994"; // Assign latitude to the marker.
$marker['longitude'] ="74.94547450000005"; // Assign longitude to the marker.
$marker['extra_fields'] = array('fax' => 123456, 'email' => 'hello@flippercode.com'); // You can add any number of extra fields and use proper placeholder to display in the info window or listing.
$marker['icon'] ="https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/full/images/beachflag.png"; // Assign an icon to the marker.

$markers[] = $marker;

return $markers; // Return array of markers.

You only need to insert your location details and mention the marker image path.
I hope it helps you. You need to insert this code in your activated theme functions.php


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