Installed and activated the paid version, set default settings, embedded the shortcode on a page. The default Avatar picture appears along with a button called “Update Avatar” but there is no option to select/update a new image for any level of user.

How to I allow uploads from any user level on the site (including Woocommerce users)?

Note... the image does not have any of the upload/edit interfaces shown in the documentation. Pressing the "Update Avatar" doesn't result in an error or any change in image, but does generate the "Profile updated" message.

The [avatar_upload] shortcode is the one I used on the page.
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It seems a confliction issue with your theme that's why uploader is not shown at your end. Yes, you are using a correct shortcode to display avatar uploader. Please send me a page URL where you are facing this issue so i can check any javascript error on console. I hope you are in the latest version 4.1.3 already.


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