New version causes loss of style and translations

Hi there,

Just tried to update Store Locator and noticed it messes up the style of the store locator on the front end. I read about the new color styles the new version offers, but we don’t want any new style, we want to keep the old style that fitted with the website. In settings I choose not to show any style, but still the yellow style has been taken.

Further also we lost the Dutch translations again. Something we worked hard on to get it organized properly when we installed Store Locator to begin with.

See screenshots of both versions 2.0.9 en 2.1.0. In WP we changed back to version 2.0.9 since my client doesn’t want the new style and he wants the proper translations.

What to do?

Please advise.

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This is a duplicate support ticket and replied here


Yes that is true. Yesterday I tried to submit my question through your support form, but kept on getting following error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() in /home3/san4u49/public_html/ on line 56

Obviously the system accepted the question despite the error. That's why it must have been submitted 3 times.

I'm sorry for that.


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