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Hi, today I have purchased your plugin. It works great and works good too with Super Socializer plugin. But I need some customization support from you to make it as per my website’s need – especially the Edit/Upload Avatar functionality.
Let me tell you about the settings what I have: 1. Avatar storage: Custom Directory. 2. Show Avatar: checked. 3. Default Avatar : First Letter avatar. 4. Disable Gravatar: checked.
Please find the attached screenshot about my observation and about my request for the support.
If you observe the attached screenshot which I tested with Super Socializer plugin with WP USER AVATAR PRO plugin, the WP USER AVATAR PRO plugin provides proper output when I used the shortcode “avatar user={user_id}” and “avatar_listing display_type”. But when I tried with shortcode “avatar_upload”, your plugin is showing “S” as default base image (since first letter is set as default avatar from this plugin).

What I am looking for is
1. avatar_upload should show current avatar in this case, it should show the output of get_avatar for the current user with the icons which you are allowing to edit or delete.

2. also, can you please help me how to change the position of Update avatar button (for example, right side of the picture instead of beneath the picture) and the text of “Update avatar” button and “avatar” label text?

Looking for your earliest support and response on this.

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