Ive asked this question before but never got it resolved.

drop down categories – I have a list of countries. They are NOT displaying alphabetically, despite the fact they are listed in priority number and set to filter as such.

My feeling is the fact I have one company listed as several countries, what happens is that it over rides the country drop down setting.

so I have company A set to location X, Y, Z

in drop down it shows
country a
country b
country x
country y <—-
country z <—-
country c
country d, etc…

so it must work if you set up a specific company PER country. this is not going to work and is a bug – I cant set up a company multiple times just to get a country drop down listed alphabetically!



Have you inserted proper category order at add marker/marker categories? Please send me the screenshot of your marker categories so I can check you have assign proper priority order or not.

yes I have.

each country alphabetically is 10, 20, 30. etc.

You can see on the site - that what happens is that each location / country is correct alphabetically.

However, when a location has 2 categories, then thats when category numbers DO NOT WORK!!

so on my map, under United States, you see united arab emirates... then Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, etc.

thats because that particular company is set to several locations.

If you have one location per category, then alphabet works fine, but if you have two or more - then the priority gets confused.

This is a bug I raised a few months ago and still is not resolved.

I would like to get this sorted please.
It is really strange, I checked this issue at my end and I am not facing this issue. I have assigned the single location to multiple categories and I am getting the proper response as expected. Category Priority order Works properly. I need to examine at your end so please give me wp-admin details at support@flippercode.com so I can check it. I am getting the only single location in your United States category.

Hello, I have a map with categiries (regions) and i sort by category priority. The category sorting is correct but the locations in a category not sort by title alphabetically. Link: https://www.centrokitchen.gr/partners/ and the test catogory is 'Ελλάδα - Περιφέρεια' which has 19 locations (not show alphabetically) the title is the name of the town in this region. Thank You in advance.
Hello @info179 ,
To display your locations alphabetically you have to set the sorting order in "Ascending" at listing settings under add/manage map page and your issue will be resolved. I have enclosed screenshot for more understanding.

Thank you for your reply, In the maps's setting is the same like your photo. My problem is that the categories sorting is correct by priority but the locations sorting in a category like 'Ελλάδα - Περιφέρεια' not correct, the locations in the grid not show alphabetically. Thank you in advance.
Did you set 'ascending' in sorting order at listings settings under add/manage map page? Please let me know. I already sent you screenshot in my previous reply.
Hello,the screenshot shows the map settings.
This is really strange, Please send me wp admin details at support@flippercode.com so we can check it at your end.


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