Hi there, two questions :

  • Is there a way to make the datetimepicker more precise? We would like it to target hours also but we haven’t found it in the settings.
  • Is it possible to manually send an ecard or resend one?

Thank you.

#1 Right now there is no such system to send eCard on the exact time, the user can specify a date but not the exact time.
#2 Yes, this is absolutely possible, Just go to Send Ecard where you need to select the ecard from the drop-down which you want to send. Then select Recipients as per need and send it.

This type you can send Ecard manually via backend.
Thank you for your response.

The Send Ecard works, but is there a way to resend an email that has been customized by a user. Doing this manually would be tedious.

Thanks again.
Wow, You have given us a tremendous idea, but unfortunately, this is not possible right now in this plugin. We will definitely discuss the idea in our next team meeting and make sure to integrate into our upcoming future release.


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