Found a bug.
In a filtered categories map (displaying markers from only one category out of 3), when zooming in or out, all markers from all categories (even the ones unchecked) get displayed. Which is plain wrong. You can see this behavior at

Please correct this a soon as possible. Thanks.

I have this same problem.

I have 6 maps on 1 page. The first map has all locations checked and displays correctly. The following 5 maps have various checked and unchecked location configurations. The resulting map's clusters and locations do not accurately reflect the way each map has been configured.
Also, the number displayed on the cluster icon does not match the number of locations it represents. I have a cluster icon with "14" represent only 3 actual locations when clicked.
Staff July 20, 2015
Hello @aolaru,

Can you please send us wp login so we can check it at your end? we have tested it with both marker clusters and without it, and flirtation is working fine. but strange is that we don't have any select box functionality implemented as i can see at your end so it seems that you customized the plugin.

Staff July 21, 2015

Ohh, so you added this select box by fetching categories from database. can you please send us FTP so we can make your select box working correctly?

Same problem. No customization so far. When I select one checkbox from two categories all seems to work properly, only markers from selected category is visible. But if I zoom in or out all markers appear instantly.

console throws error while clicking category checkbox for the first time:
Uncaught TypeError: map_div_id.split is not a function
wpgmp_filter_locations @ wpgmp-google-map.js?ver=4.2.3:154
(anonymous function) @ (index):16034
m.event.dispatch @ jquery.js?ver=1.11.2:3
m.event.add.r.handle @ jquery.js?ver=1.11.2:3
Staff July 30, 2015
Hello @mariusz,

We're working on a new version of this plugin which is gold version and releasing it on next week. we'll notify you via forum and you'll be able to download it from codecanyon freely.


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