Hi there! You guys helped me with a map on one site I was working on, but I’m now going to use that map on a different site instead.

Old site: thegassysquirrel.com
New site: adventuresofthegassysquirrel.com

I exported the settings and generated a new Google API key for the new URL, but the map will not display and I get an error message saying that the referrer is not allowed. I made sure to add the URL with the * wildcard ( *.adventuresofthegassysquirrel.com/* ) and even tried adding the exact URL that it claims it’s having a problem with “adventures…com/eat”. That didn’t work.

I’m using another map program (Interactive World Maps) on another part of the website (different page) to show a different type of map, and that one’s not having a display problem. Not sure if it makes a difference that I’m using two different map plugins, but the old site used both and I didn’t have a problem.

I hope this all made sense. I’ve attached a screenshot of the error message.

Help please! Thanks!

You have inserted the wrong referrer in the google console. Your correct referrer should be *adventuresofthegassysquirrel.com/* without using.(dot) after the asterisk (*). You have to insert same API key in both plugins. You are using two maps plugin so both APIs will load and it may be chances of map freeze or unresponsive.


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