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Hi there! You guys helped me with a map on one site I was working on, but I’m now going to use that map on a different site instead.

Old site:
New site:

I exported the settings and generated a new Google API key for the new URL, but the map will not display and I get an error message saying that the referrer is not allowed. I made sure to add the URL with the * wildcard ( ** ) and even tried adding the exact URL that it claims it’s having a problem with “adventures…com/eat”. That didn’t work.

I’m using another map program (Interactive World Maps) on another part of the website (different page) to show a different type of map, and that one’s not having a display problem. Not sure if it makes a difference that I’m using two different map plugins, but the old site used both and I didn’t have a problem.

I hope this all made sense. I’ve attached a screenshot of the error message.

Help please! Thanks!

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