I installed the plugin, and everything worked, my map was perfect. And now I can’t see the map. And I changed nothing, why I don’t see now?!


I change to the new version 3.0.6. (I had 2.3.14)
But now it turn in a no-ending loop.
Have you fix the problem?
I have similar...
Yes, finaly.
I installed the new version. And I fill "location address" in "old" locations (it was empty with the old version).
And I made a new map with this locations.
good luck
Unfortunatly not for me.
My location are a Wordpress posts, and i have a geocoordinates for location. I've tried to add a location address, bus same problem..

Thi is in my oter helpdesl post
have a gold version of plugin updated. I add a shortcode of map that have 1 post associated with category (for test), but the result is tha load for 10 second an then blank page. http://missionepesca.treart.com/prova-2/
Same problema if i put the map short code in a post http://missionepesca.treart.com/porto-di-marina-di-grosseto/
Same post with no short code: http://missionepesca.treart.com/porto-di-marina-di-grosseto-2/
I think that the problem is that my posts are built with pagebuilder plugin. If i compose all posts in visual layout ... It seems to work

is there any issue still remaining?

For me:
If the WPpost have a geocoordinates assinged and if it's made with some page-builder plugin (My is this excellet plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/siteorigin-panels/) and i insert a map shortcode in a part of pagebuilder to show a map:
> Result of Post views in load loop and blank page
> Resul of a simple page that have the map whit that post inside is blank page

My solution: Not use page builder for post or page that have a geocoordinate assigned...

If you can mail me FTP and WP Login, i'd like to take a look inside why this is happening with page builder. My mail is hello@flippercode.com. it'd be better if you give me development server information instead of live site because debugging might be stopped your site working for a while.


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