Team – for unknown reasons the map is no longer functional. I cannot grab and drag the map, zoom in and out, nor hide and show elements via the top right panel. All of these features used to work. The map in question is on this page:

Meanwhile, I have yet to get a fix for refreshing the icon associated with location categories. They don’t update on the map itself after being changed.


ps - de-activating all of the other plugins on the site does not fix this issue. So it does not appear to be a plugin conflict. Thanks.
Update: I've updated to version 3.2.3 of the Maps plugin, but this still didn't fix the issue. Help!

We have just released a new version 3.2.4 which has fixed this map freeze issue due to recent changes in google maps api. You can download it from in few hours. It's under review by codecanyon team.


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