I set everything up for my map and added the shortcode to my page and it hasn’t loaded properly and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. You can check out the map here: The map appears to be warped with a gray overlay over everything but the drawing and markers. The zoom buttons also have a weird glitch thing going on. When I drag and adjust the viewport, you can see that the map shows up and it’s clearly a gray overlay that’s warping everything. Please help!

Your link is not opening at my side. I think you are facing loading api multiple time issue(You can check on its console) thats why your map is freezing and behaving unresponsive.
You are using multiple google maps plugin or your default theme comes with a google maps api so both apis are conflict and creating issue.

I suggest you to disable your google maps api of your theme or any plugin and your issue will be resolved.


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