I am using The Events Calendar plugin by Modern Tribe as well as the Google Maps Pro plugin. Both work great. I’m having an issue, however, with event information not populating on my map. The event entry has an area for Google Maps Pro to enter location, choose category and choose map. I do this … and it does not show up on the map. I have tried clearing the site cache, browser cache, etc. to no avail. I’m not sure why it isn’t working – it did work the other day.

Thanks in advance for help.

I'd like to amend this: now I am unable to add any locations at all, in any manner. They don't show up on the map. Help!! Thanks!
Are you getting any error or message after add location please let us know? To display location on a map you have to create a location first and then assign the location on a map. You can check this method on a guide link https://wpgmp.flippercode.com/docs/assign-a-location-in-a-map/

I hope it helps you.
I was not getting any error at all and was adding all the information correctly. I have generated a new API key, and it seems to be working right now. Hopefully, that will continue. Thanks.

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