Hi there,

I tried to add yet another map to an article, just as I did before w/o any problems.

When I choose the location and add it, the plugin responds that the new location was added to my list of locations.
Trying to create a map then, but the recently added new location does not show in my list of locations in order for me to assign the location to the map.

So…..yeah. I checked on API, I changed HTTP referrers according to what it says in the trouble shooting section, and still cannot add the new location. Or rather: It says it were adding the location, but it will not show among the locations in the manage-section.

At first, I thought maybe it was a matter of having set up 10 different locations and having reached a limit. But even after deleting two old locations I was not able to find the new location added just a minute before among my set of locations.

I’m at my wits’ end pretty much. Any ideas?

Thanks heaps, Julia

Thank you very much for being a user of Google maps plugin. It seems your plugin is not activated or installed properly. Please deactivate the plugin and again reactivate it. Are you getting any javascript error on console? Please let me know.

Hi Divyang,

thanks for the advice. Disabling and re-enabling the plugin actually helped. Strange though, b/c it worked w/o any issues before with all the other maps I created. That's just fyi, anyway, it's worked now.

Thanks again.
Your Most welcome, If you face any issue in plugin please let me know.


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