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great plugin, am finding it very useful for my clients location based blog. However, there’s a few questions I have I’m hoping you can help with.

The site is on a test domain at the moment – http://glowcation.aaronbennettdesigns.co.uk

1. I’m trying to show the maps for each city in an ubermenu under the locations tab, the first one (London) works, but the others only show the pins and no actual map until I scroll in the map, they then appear.

2. I’d also like to show the same maps in the search popup – they’re not showing at all as I think it’s because I’m using the same maps as in the menu. They’re being inserted as shortcodes in an accordion and were displaying until I used the same maps in the menu as widgets.

3. Is it possible to show a map of the single location data I entered in the post – I’ve attached a screenshot of what I am trying to achieve, basically showing a dynamically generated map and the location details. I don’t want to have to create a new map for each post as there’s loads of them, but want to show the location with a pin, and no other locations.

I can get the phone number from an ACF Field, I just don’t want to have to create additional maps.

1 and 2 are critical to get the site working correctly, 3 would be a bonus.

Thanks for your help

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