Love the feature to include the listing below the map.
One question: is it possible to sort by additional fields?
I would like to use Date as an additional field and sort the listing below the map by date.

No, this is not possible in this plugin.

OK, thanks.

Could be a neat future addition. (can think of a few ways I might want to sort the listing by additional fields in addition to a date field, e.g. by a size field, by a simple order field that could prioritize sponsors to show up first, etc.)

As a workaround, the ability to show posts or pages on the map with one click when creating the post/page is powerful. I can use this to add the pages to the map and then simply set a display order on the pages and then use a separate plugin to show a listing of the pages next to the map so I can control the order that way and it should work great.

Thank you very much for your great suggestion. We will definitely discuss this in our next team meeting.

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