A few links added to the infowindow linking to an external url automatically redirect to a page within the website. instead of the website it supposed to.
But not all. I’m not seeing a difference between the links that work and the w]links that don’t.
Please help..

The map is located on the bottom of this website:

Biologisch ijs

Example of an infowindow with working links:
Streekpark Klein Oisterwijk
Oirschotsebaan 6
5062 TE Oisterwijk

Example of an infowindow with failing links:
Oosterhouts Filmcafé
Heuvel 27
4901 KB Oosterhout

Ok I figured it out: For some reason (probably via copie/paste) The quotation-marks are different..
I'm having the same issue (liveatgateway.com/amenities), and the quotation marks don't seem to be an issue...
We tested your link and found your mention URLs on info window is working without any issue. Your link is working and the respective site opens in a separate tab.


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