Hi There, I’m searching for a plugin that allow me to GeoTag Custom Posts in FrontEnd, by a form Made with Wp User Frontend Pro (or Similar) and searching custom posts based on Custom Fields, custom taxonomies and categories, date, radius, and show them on a map.

I get there, so I ask if this plugin can help me search throught a custom post type, with custom fields and geotag,
tnks in advance for any help.

I’m on a deadline so I need a response before buying this plugin,
thank you so much for this great product. 🙂

This plugin is not compatible with WP User Frontend Pro, but you can use our addon https://www.flippercode.com/product/cf7-submissions-googlemaps/ with Google Maps plugin and contact form 7. Please check this link I think your need is completed here.

Yes plugin is able to search the locations created by custom fields very easily.

Solution you showed me is for geolocalization of a custom post created with cf7, but what I need is doing searches based on custom fileds: I would like to be able to search through custom post type and filter them based on the value of custom field assigned to a custom post type and showing results on the map, Is it possible to achieve this with your plugin. :)
No, this is not possible in this plugin. You can create locations using the custom field with this plugin. Searching through custom posts types and filter them based on the value is not possible in this plugin.


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