I have problem with text rolling around picture in infowindow.
Is it possible to keep the text somehow under the picture. Now for infowindows with longer names(headers) infotext(adress) jumps to the right side of picture and gets very messy, because the space is too narrow.
I have attached the sample pictures with this message.
The page can be found from http://www.visitpyhajoki.fi

You have inserted image width to the 300px that's why you are getting this issue. Please reduce the image width to 200px and your issue will be resolved. If you have enabled info window customization then please disable it.

Please try this and let me know if you face any issue further.

Well if I chage article picture size that fixes the problem from that map, but it creates another problem in pages where articles are listed. For example "http://www.visitpyhajoki.fi/en/culture/". Same article picture is used there and they get very blurry if I drop the size so low.

So there is no way to define that infowindow text would always be under the image instead around the image?
ok, So you can increase the width of the info window with the help of infowindow customization at add/manage maps. I hope it helps you.
I guess I have to try that.
Just to make it clear I ask 2 more questions.

Is there any way to either:
1) Set the picture size for the infowindow smaller than article picture?
2) Set the infowindow text to start under the picture instead of side of the picture?
#1 No this is not possible because you are using same picture/image. It is possible only if you define width and height at img src tag.
#2 You can use tags in infowidow settings where image is in single and message is shown on another div tag.

You can do these things.
Hi again.
I was able to make a workaround with those article pictures so that they are used only in infowindow. And when I set them to 200px, most of the text got fixed. But there is still problems with some of the windows. I uploaded an example.

So that #2 option to use separate div tags in infowindow setting seems my only chance. How do I exactly do that?
Sorry for late reply, I checked your site and found your issue is resolved now because your that location is displaying correctly.

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