I want to make some changes in the map edit page. But some checkbox are inactive like the geo tags and many other checkbox. I don’t understand why

It depends on the user what functionalities of the map they want to use. The user will enable/disable checkboxes according to need. We have created a guide documentation with video tutorial on this link http://wpgmp.flippercode.com/tutorials/
It will helps you alot.
Sorry for the delay, We had a holiday due to Diwali Festival until 22 October. We are sorry for your all inconvenience you had.
Hi, Thanks for your answer. I found what was the issue about. I am using the plugin in a Persian language wordpress so a RTL website. And when I wanted to click the checkbox, the check is not placed on the checkbox image but on the right side of the sentence. So the problem was solved but I think all of all your users who will use the plugin in a RTL website will encounter the same issue.
Glad to know your issue has been resolved :)

I don't think you understood. The issue is not resolved. The user found a workaround which took me 2 days before I found his solution.
The check-boxes are displayed on the left of the text while the actual check is accepted on the right of the text.
you need to sync checkbox display with checkbox actual location.
This is for all RTL users. I wasted a lot of time on this stupid issue.

Thank you smgroupfunds

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