I am trying to import locations from a CSV file, but only some of the locations are importing… others are skipped, with no error message being reported. I don’t see an issue with the data, so why are some locations not importing?

For example, this one always fails:
Holiday Inn Parking Garage ,”101 Andrew Young International Blvd. NW, Atlanta, GA 30303″,33.760069,-84.390959,Atlanta,GA,United States,30303,,Parking,,,http://www.ihg.com/holidayinn/hotels/us/en/atlanta/atlib/hoteldetail

It is a short CSV file (40 locations), and I have even tried breaking it up into smaller files (10 locations each), but the same locations do not import.

Thanks, Sean

I found it... FYI here for the folks.

It turns out, just looking at the content with your eyeballs was not enough. I eventually had to edit the files in HEX to see if I could find why in the world certain records were not importing. And I found it! There were many instances were spaces between words or at the end of sentences/titles were not actually spaces (Hex 20) – They were non-breaking spaces (Hex A0). I also found a few instances where the Message field had alternate kinds of dashes and single quotes, and even a few e-acutes and a registered trademark symbol - those were easier to detect. I replaced those with & html codes, and they are importing and displaying fine now.

In my example above, "Holiday Inn Parking Garage ," had a non-breaking space at the end of the title. Deleting the space fixed the title issue. In other places I had to replace the NBSP with a regular space.

So - a record with any field that contained a non-breaking space caused the entire location record to be dropped and not imported. It would be nice if the import process would indicate that special characters were found.
Glad to know your all locations are imported successfully. Here CSV file of multiple locations should be fully converted with UTF8. If CSV file is not full UTD supported your csv locations will not import.

Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions for our future updates.


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