This is the site we build: http://p2122-26-2809.s26.upress.link/emmaus-trail/
I enter 1400 locations to the map and I need to divide them to 4 routes
I create the first route from point 1 to point 565 (look at the image)
but the blue line of the route is not going through the dots I gave…
Can you help?

You have to create multiple routes then blue routes will follow the markers, You need to start the route from your marker 1 and create the route as per your need. For example, your route should be marker 1 to marker 595. To create this Your starting point will be marker 1 and endpoint is marker 595.

Select all markers as waypoints, please take care you don't select again start and end point in waypoints. I hope this approach helps you.
but I did exactly what you wrote here - and the route is wrong
please look at the url of the map:

all the location with the pins are point I select in the routes
my start point is point 1
my end point is point 565
the 8 points I select inside the routes are: 159, 209, 322, 398, 454, 500 and 543
but as you can see the route is not at all on these points

BTW - i don't receive an email when you replay to my support question.
this issue is super urgent since this site must be live soon

thank you
You have selected a wrong route or selected wrong location during route creation. Please send me wp admin details at support@flippercode.com so we can check it at your end. As I mentioned here you have to create multiple routes here.


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